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Writing is a passion as much as an endeavor, but you don’t have to tackle it without help! Pick from our growing selection of courses designed to improve your writing and marketing with simple steps that won’t take you months to implement!

Ultimate Fantasy Writer's Guide

This course will step you through the essentials of what you need to write, edit, and publish your novel to raving fans without any of the boring stuff that will just slow you down!

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Ultimate Fantasy Writer's Guide

writing modules

Learn the essentials to writing a fantastic novel without any of the boring parts that will only slow you down.

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Ultimate Fantasy Writer's Guide

author career modules

Create an amazing author career with a supportive fan base hungry for your next book!

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What's In a Name

Create fantasy names and languages

Join me in this seven lesson course to learn to create amazing fantasy names tailored to the world of your novel. And then push even further to build a fantasy language as epic as the people speaking it.

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Developing your Story Idea

Module 1

Develop an idea into a solid foundation for your story.

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Intro to Writing

Module 2

Lay the groundwork of how to write your novel!

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Writing the Beginning

module 3

Delve into what it takes to write a brilliant opening!

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Writing the Middle

Module 4

Rock the middle of your novel and keep readers hooked!

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Writing the End

Module 5

Finish your story with a powerful ending readers will love and remember!

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Advanced Writing Techniques

Module 6

Enhance your writing with advanced tips on pacing, characters, and dialogue!

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Building a Fan Base

Module 7

Build a fan base as you write by following the steps!

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Finding Time & Staying Motivated

Module 8

Overcome writer’s block, or just a busy life, with these tips and hacks to keep writing strong!

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Edit Like a Pro

Module 9

Turn your first draft into an amazing, finished story by following the steps!

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Covers, Formatting, & Platforms

Module 10

All you need to create & upload an amazing ebook or paperback!

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Launching to Fans & Getting Reviews

Module 11

Step by step instruction on how to build your launch team & launch your book!

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Life After Launch

Module 12

What are the next steps after publishing your first book? Discover what to do next to grow your career.

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