who is autumn?

About and Contact

who is autumn?

About and Contact

I’m a writer!

Oh, you probably wanted to know more than that. 🙂 And there is more, but writing is my passion. Despite the headaches of learning to edit, market, design covers, create websites, plot stalls, limited time… despite any drawback you can list, I love writing. It is why I’m the author of 12 books and counting. That really is the first thing you should know about me.

Writing a book is a passion as much as it is a challenge. Getting to the end of that first manuscript is an “OH MY GOSH!” moment that deserves wine and ice cream. And not just because of the wonderful accomplishment of finishing.

Because what comes next is a roller coaster of decisions, trial and error, excitement, and confusion.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How much editing does this book need?

  • Should I use beta readers?

  • Is the plot solid enough?

  • Will this cover attract readers?

  • How do I create a paperback?

  • How do I market my book successfully?

I certainly did.

And in the early days of indie publishing, not all the answers were out there. Now there are a hundred websites with answers, not all of them accurate or helpful.

I’m trying to cut the clutter while creating and providing the information I wished I’d had when I began my self-publishing journey.

There is so much to being a self-published author. It is a fantastic experience, but it can feel overwhelming too. Which is why I created this blog. I stumbled through a lot of the important lessons the hard way back in the early days of self-publishing. I’ve joined with a publisher, divorced them, relaunched books, marketed like crazy, and now I’m a full-time author.

I could afford to take my time and learn the ropes, because there just weren’t that many ebooks out there when I first published. Getting noticed was easy and cheap.

But more and more ebooks are published every day. Amazon is approaching over 5 million ebooks for kindle alone.

It isn’t easy to succeed in today’s market if you don’t know what you are doing. Heck, some days it isn’t easy even if you do know what you are doing. The rules can change overnight.

The best resource for a writer is another author who is out there testing the steps and finding what is working and what isn’t; someone who is talking to fans and looking at the current trends.

I’m answering those questions for you. Because succeeding with a book you wrote and love is one of the best feelings in life!

Oh, you really wanted to know about me?

I'm Autumn
Fantasy Author & Educator

I’m Autumn (also known as weifarer), the author of 12 books and counting. There are days I’m not sure how that happened, and others I feel every step of what it took to get here!

I published my first ebook in 2012, but I started writing long before that. More importantly, I took a couple of novel writing courses as a refresher. Despite a degree in English and Studio Art, I hadn’t really taken a course focused on the complexities of novels. They are a different beast!

I learned a lot from those two courses, including how I never want to see a writing course taught. Seriously. Writing is hard enough but learning the ropes in a general writing class that wasn’t specific to my genre just slowed me down and made me question everything. I ended up making some silly mistakes because the resources I needed weren’t available.

I kept working though and published first one book, then a series. I challenged myself to write better books faster and wrote 4 1/2 books in a year. A whole series plus! I’ve taken classes, asked experts, and learned from experience.

I love being a self-published author! I want you to too.


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